Why Some People Still Frown Upon Electric Vehicles

Even though electric vehicles have come a long way in terms of gaining widespread acceptance, there are still plenty of people that just do not like these types of cars.

Some of this skepticism is tied to America’s car culture. For decades, Americans have valued not only the cars themselves, but what these cars say about us as individuals. For many Americans, they prefer to be seen in a vehicle that expresses their unique sense of personal taste. The relatively modest look of most electric vehicles is a turn-off for people that want to be seen in a unique vehicle.

Some disdain for electric cars is political. There is a lot of money tied up in gas and oil, and those that support those industries see electric vehicles as a threat to those industries. Of course, electric cars require innovation, something that is sorely lacking in these industries. It remains to be seen how and if this mindset is ever going to change.

The third reason for the disdain is the cost of the electric vehicles. They are much more expensive than gasoline-powered cars of similar size. Plus, manufacturers have done a poor job explaining the positives of electric cars to the general public.

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