Top Hybrid Prototypes Featured At The Detroit Auto Show

The automotive industry is starting to move its focus toward hybrid vehicles. Here are a few of the best hybrid prototypes from the Detroit Auto Show.

Acura NSX
Sports car enthusiasts have put this car on their radar for quite a few years. This car promises to be one of the fastest high-performance hybrids to ever debut. Unlike the previous generation of the NSX, this generation will be very fuel efficient.

Cadillac ELR
This sedan will be Cadillac’s most fuel efficient car that has ever been created. The signature Cadillac grill means that luxury and comfort will still be a top priority.Is this new to you? Catch up here

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid
This car was arguably the most visually appealing hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show. Infiniti mates the proven 3.5-liter engine with an electric motor. The availability of an AWD system makes this car even more versatile.

Lexus IS 300h
At first glance, you would never think this was a hybrid car. The IS 300h exudes the same sporty demeanor as its naturally-aspirated counterparts. Many enthusiasts are begging officials to bring the sedan to the U.S. market.

Nissan Resonance
This racy-looking crossover will deliver a superb driving dynamic while making fuel efficiency a top priority.

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